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Meeting through mutual friends in the Nashville scene, Slow Meadow’s Matt Kidd met up with Hammock’s Marc Byrd, describing the meeting as “really great to connect with a person who saw how much this stuff matters.” Common interests led eventually to collaborating (along with Byrd’s bandmate, Andrew Thompson) on two tracks on the debut album, Slow Meadow, the first non-Hammock release on Hammock Music. Working mostly alone, Kidd developed his own strategy to make the music he makes. “Usually I would sit with a guitar, find a drone-like texture with some pedals that I liked and see what melodies came out.” But after finding Hammock’s music, Kidd says “it was the first time I felt like I was tapping into a bigger picture.” “I think slow music is so important,” says Kidd. “I can’t tell you exactly why but the more I listened to ambient, the less excitement I wanted. I started hearing so much in very small musical statements.”

This music is kept deliberately quiet (which is not to say that there isn’t progression, there certainly is, just quietly) and close to the chest. Slow Meadow is music for thinking. Self-reflection seems to be the intent, evoking a mood of lost time, lost friends, lost family, lost innocence.